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Study: The future of Online Learning in Egypt between the present and the future

In the current circumstances; the outbreak of Covid-19, the digital transformation, and the provision of education to all particularly entrepreneurs and young people, Online learning has become an urgent necessity. This contributed to encourage many parties and institutions to study the requirements and needs of entrepreneurs of all categories, to launch an online educational platform that serves their goals and is tailored to the circumstances of Egyptian society.

Hence the role of the Academy of Scientific Research, the main supporter of entrepreneurship, research and development under the umbrella of the internationally supported Development Program, to study the development of a platform for online courses, as an educational platform aimed at providing diverse educational materials with a focus on helping entrepreneurs learning materials related to the development of their businesses in the administrative and strategic sectors as well as learning and developing other skills.

In order to reach an effective platform for achieving these goals, we request your participation in answering the questions. your answers, proposals and experience will be one of the most important inputs on the platform.

The target groups of this questionnaire are entrepreneurs in all age groups, university students, startup owners, employees seeking to develop their skills, small and medium-sized enterprises aspiring to develop the skills of their employees, job seekers and those seeking to develop their managerial, personal or even leadership skills.

If you want to be influential or you aspire to improve the business environment, please participate by updating all the data requested in the questionnaire below.

Your participation and voice matters to us, for other questions, please communicate with us via this email: [email protected]






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