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InnoEgypt’s leap to the entrepreneurship future

4 years 4 months ago

In a time where everything is changing the business world needs to be on its best game, entrepreneurs from all around need the sufficient knowledge to enable them to pursue the right path and lead Egypt towards success. InnoEgypt has given the chance for just that, with a competition titled “Toward Competent Innovation and Knowledge-Based Economies in Egypt via business incubation and startups” that will take place for 36 months.

Through this competition, entrepreneurs will flourish their market skills through all sorts of assessments and will be guided by the brightest of minds to do so. It will revolve around bettering the business approach for the entrepreneurs through teaching them about the fundamental methods of coordination, management, networking and much more.

In partnership with Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, British University in Egypt and Assuit University, it will enable the young Egyptian Entrepreneurs to truly grasp the technicalities of the real world and grow accustomed to how to deal with them as cleverly as possible; and with the Programme lead by EuropeAid-TVET II to support the technical and Vocational education and training reform Programme in Egypt it is guaranteed that this is a massive step forward in the right direction.

Finally, once the competition is completed and the results are out, the winning Entrepreneurs will receive a generous seed funding of 250,000 Egyptian Pounds in cash along with a capacity to build the project and a huge line of networking and even more.

This is truly a competition that is going to not only put young entrepreneurs on the map but also encourage more investments and risks to better the living conditions of even those that have no knowledge of what is happening. Apply here before 15th of April.


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