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DilenyTech) has secured a $160K non-equity grant from the Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) programme, as stated in a press release published by The funding will be used to expand and develop its current AI-enabled platform that is focused on breast cancer detection.

Founded in 2018, DilenyTech develops solutions for medical imaging analysis, breast cancer risk assessment, and structured reporting in several medical applications. 

In a press release, Dr. Ahmed Ehab Mahmoud, Founder, and chief innovation officer provides insight into the aims of the healthtech startup.

“DilenyTech aims to revolutionize breast cancer screening and diagnostic workflow via providing innovative AI assistance for more accurate breast cancer detection and expedited reporting. Thousands of healthcare professionals can access our online platform anytime/anywhere. This shall reduce patients’ suffering due to long waiting time as well as inaccurate diagnosis.” 

The healthtech startup has simplified the existing process where not enough radiologists are able to report on breast cancer examinations and inform patients in a timely manner by providing utilising AI-technology services. 

Renowned for its innovative offering, the healthtech startup was awarded a US patent for a novel AI-enabled image analysis technology last year. In addition, in 2019 the tech startup was ranked in second place in the Decoding Health Challenge organised by Health 2.0 Egypt and UNESCO.

According to the startup, it provides its services to top-tier international healthtech companies spanning across three different continents. The healthtech startup has reportedly launched the first worldwide bi-lingual AI-enabled breast cancer risk assessment tool in Arabic and English.

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