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Customer Journey Canvas

Customer Journey Canvas

What is this tool?

Service Design Thinking is becoming very important and it is going viral since it helps a business to stand out from its competitors. The Customer Journey Canvas is a part of Canvanizer services, a template to facilitate the brainstorming and designing services process through different features to satisfy your customers and develop brand loyalty.

When is this tool used?

Customer Journey Canvas is a practical tool that helps you overview your service process and generate ideas to develop your service and refine it. You can use Customer Journey Canvas in your pre, during, and post your service period.

How is this tool used?

All you have to do is visit and choose Customer Journey Canvas and start assessing your service product depending on the stage you are at. Through the canvas, you can overview the progress of your project in its different stages and assess where you stand and what you need to do next.

Step 1 

Go to and Select a template Category

Step 2:

Insert a title for your canvas, your email and the code then start.

Step 3: 

Start editing the canvas depending on which phase are you at, add all your gathered information and follow up. You can also evaluate your service and list down your expectations and your future moves. Then share this information with your colleagues.

Hints to using this tool:

The canvas is divided into 3 main components Pre-service period, service period, and post service period.

Pre- Product Service:

In this stage, users want to state down how and through which channel will they market their service. At this stage, there are 3 main channels that user can think about Social media, advertising, and predicting your users feedback then list them each.

  • Social Media:
    • Through Customer Journey Canvas you can list down different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and any other channel you will use, then list down a plan for each channel.
  • Prediction:
    • The other channel you can think about at this stage is your users and their expectations and through it, you can predict what you will say about your service and you can take it from there.
    • Market research is a handy tool in this stage since you can list down all the information you gathered on Customer Journey Canvas and have a clearer overview of the misunderstanding that consumers have then handled it through the service you present.

Service Period:

The design of the Customer Service Journey is a major component in Service Design Thinking. From the second your customer starts using your service any action he/she makes will contribute to the final evaluation of your service. This stage will culminate in the evaluation of individual customers have with the service.

Post-Service Period:

After - sales services are very powerful because they can impact and influence the customer's perception and change it from a negative to a positive impression.

In this final evaluation, you can also identify the customers’ comments on social media and their impression on your service.

Case study:

Karim wanted to plan and track how well will his food delivery service do in the market in comparison to his competitors. So he visited and chose Customer Service Journey and started to list down his plan and gathered information before launching the service, during the service period and post the service period.

Then he started analyzing and evaluating his service through people’s experience and expectations. From this point, he was able to visualize everything and plan for his service.

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