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How Vodafone & Iqraaly are using HireHunt’s voice answers to Hunt Talent

5 years 9 months ago

During our private Pilot Program, the HireHunt team was working closely with a handful of selected companies in Cairo to find the answer to one simple question: what does the perfect hiring platform for today look like?

Naturally we discovered over time that every company is different and some of the things one place was requesting another was asking to be saved from. So we decided to ask a new question: what is the most effective part of your current hiring process that can be included, improved and automated on HireHunt?

“If we could just hear what the applicants sound like….that would be amazing.”

Most of the companies we talked to seemed to agree. Their phone screening process was very effective but time-consuming. We decided to add the option that employers can choose to receive answers to questions in their Hunts by voice recording (from within the browser to make it as simple as possible). This transformed their selection process from manually wading through CVs then assigning resources to call each applicant individually, to pressing ‘play all’, sitting back and listening to the stream of voices speak until someone catches their attention. It has developed into one of the most used features of HireHunt by employers because it reveals so much with so little effort.

We experimented with this feature on a bigger scale by adding a question to the Interns & Fresh Graduates MegaHunt asking the young applicants to describe their dream job.

Then in the last few month two very different companies, a booming local startup and one of the biggest global brands, have started utilising HireHunt’s voice answers for even more specific reasons that we had initially planned for.

Vodafone started their journey with HireHunt with Hunts for technical positions of varying degrees of complexity. After experimenting with the platform and being shown it’s capabilities they have recently started to find talent for their International Call Centers relying heavily on voice answers. This Hunt, which anyone can apply to here, includes a combination of voice-answer questions to determine the applicant's quality of English language & speech, as well as video-based comprehension questions to assess if they can also understand English in various accents (such as a heavy British accent) with ease.

Coming on board around the same time and from the other side of the spectrum, Iqraaly is a growing Egyptian startup that produces audio streams of popular Arabic books and articles for people to listen to all around the world via web & mobile. They were looking for Voice Over artists specifically with a Saudi Arabian accent to record content specifically for the Saudi Arabian market! How specific is that? Check out this Hunt here, clear your throat & apply if you got what it takes.

Though we have over 150 companies on the platform, we still work very closely with everyone to keep refining the platform to provide the best & most effective experience for both employers & applicants. Every feature we add must maintain a win-win situation for both sides; a way for employers to assess better and a way for applicants to show their personality, skills & talents that can’t be shown on a CV. Otherwise, mesh la3been.

Are you part of a company that’s currently hiring? Seriously, what are you waiting for?



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