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Check Out The 4 Top Innovations For This Year

5 years 11 months ago

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Despite being a fairly old saying, it still rings true for many innovators. Sure we now use different terms like “entrepreneurial spirit” and “innovative thinking,” it all trickles down to a problem that needs overcoming and singular thoughtful minds that provided a way out.

It can really blow your mind sometimes how the simplest of ideas can be used to solve what seemed like an insurmountable problem. It doesn’t matter how far back in history you go, the spirit remains the same for any inventor. It is the deepest root of problem-solving across time from the wheel and adding laces to clothes to modern technology and medicine.

So here are five innovations from 2016 that will blow your mind with the simple solutions they took to solve a seemingly difficult problem.


A new fun invention for educational playtime. The idea behind this one is that individuals are not exposed to programming in their formative years despite it being a necessary skill that can be learned at any age. So, now children can learn to code with this ball. It can be coded to change color, change color at random intervals or set intervals or it can be made to glow slowly or blink. The limit here is the child’s imagination.

To know more about Hack-a-ball, you can watch this video

Easy Macro:

This is one of the simplest yet best ideas in these. The obstacle to be overcome here was how many generic lenses for smartphone cameras don’t fit properly. So, how do we solve it? Stick the lens into a strap on an elastic band. This way, the design is not bounded by the specific brand of the phone, its thickness or many of the other changing aspects that will not be taken into account anymore. The company is now working on a lens with different magnification and it added a soft rim to prevent any harm to the phone’s original camera lens.


We’ve all been advised and naturally concluded that having your earphones in on the street is not the best course of action if you ever need to be aware of your surroundings. You could be crossing the road with them on and not hear a car’s horn. With these headphones, though, are fixed to the bones directly next to your ear and they deliver sounds through vibrations that travel across your bones and directly to your inner ear. This leaves your actual ear completely open to your surroundings. A design specially made for athletes that want to enjoy the upbeat music but still be aware of their surroundings as they cycle, run or hike.

Smart Watches:

This one might not be new, but it deserves its spot on the list. When you look at the base idea for this, you’ll find that someone just thought: “I constantly lose my phone. Let’s attach it to my arm so it never goes missing.” Another hypothesis is how many people had stopped wearing watches since you can always tell the time from your phone, so someone thought that they can transfer all the features of the phone to their watch.

You can read more info and reviews on smart watches here

For a few years now, we keep hearing about new qualities and services provided by smart watches: sensors for blood pressure and heart beat, connection to phone for texts and calls, providing radio services, GPS, and camera. It’s definitely a trend that’s catching on for different researchers now to add to and develop and the competition between them is increasing exponentially. So we’re certainly expecting a surge in innovative features to be added soon and a decrease in prices along with that.

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