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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Next "Mix N' Mentor"

Mix N’ Mentor came back this year in it’s unique format, shedding light on early stage entrepreneurs who had challenges and inquiries in different areas such as fundraising and negotiating with the first big customer. It brings entrepreneurs together with regional and global mentors in a peer-to-peer learning experience, where entrepreneurs get to showcase their challenges and hear mentors' advice. 

This year's market edition took place last Thursday at the Greek Campus. It gathered around 70 entrepreneurs with 28 CEOs from market giants like Aramex,, and investors like Alvaro Abella and others. Entrepreneurs spent a full day with mentors discussing their challenges and getting feedbacks. The event setup was nothing but warm and welcoming, allowing for learning and networking to be at the very core of the event. "Gedety" catered the event with their yummy food and also "Careem" offered attendees discounted rides to the event's venue.

After talking to some entrepreneurs at the event, here are five reasons why they recommend attending the next Mix N' Mentor:

Learn And Mingle

“The Networking aspect that’s in this event is very enriching to one's experience. As it brings people from different industries and countries together, you get to talk to various mindsets. And if you listen closely actually you will get to learn from these people tiny things from their experiences." says Amira Azzouz, Founder of "For me, it is always a learning process so you have to listen carefully in order to learn and get what you want.” She elaborated. Azzouz attended Mix N’ Mentor for the past 3 years as an entrepreneur but this time, she was one of the mentors. "This is the first time to attend as a mentor so, I saw things from a different perspective, it is actually cool."

You Are Not Suffering Alone

Mix N’ Mentor offered different group sessions and workshops. It offered 5 different group sessions with different topics; fundraising, business development, team building, client acquisition, E-commerce and Marketplaces. In each session entrepreneurs in groups of 7-8 persons discuss their business ideas, progress and challenges. They then meet with 2 mentors and get direct peer-to-peer feedback. These sessions allowed entrepreneurs to view how common challenges can be and brainstorm together ways and solutions to overcome them.

“Attending an event like Mix N’ Mentor is important because it gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to talk about their business case in details and take the necessary feedback based on what he/she says.” Said Ahmed Raafat, Tagaddod's Co-founder.

"Mix N' Mentor is not only about sharing your experience or challenges but also knowing that you are not the only one who thinks he is drowning while trying to scale their business" that's what Azzouz thought during her experience this year at Mix N' Mentor. 

"Even though each person had different problems but it is usually about how to reach the client and the customers properly, how to pitch to them and win. So it is educating to see that this is a weakness in all businesses not only your business." She added.

 Meet Your Personal Mentor

Mix N' Mentor format requires more focused number of attendees than other events. This edge gives entrepreneurs the chance to meet one of the mentors and talk about their challenge openly and receive the required attention.  “Mentorship is important because it saves people’s time, effort and money,”  Raafat said. He added that this could save entrepreneurs months of trial and error until they discover the right way to do things.

Additionally, Karim Bassiouny, CEO Just Home Furniture told us, “People (mentors) are very straight forward, they won’t make the ugly truth look better, which is something that everyone needs,”, “I think we need those eye openers.” He added

Make Sure You Are Doing It Right

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs attended the event to check if they are asking themselves the right questions or not. You might from time to time need to validate your offering or showcase what you have. Mix N' Mentor gives you enough space to do that! Waleed Abd El Rahman, Founder of "Mumm", said that his gain from the event was having more right questions to ask.

The first Mix N’ Mentor took place in 2013 and in several Arab countries since. This year Mix N’ Mentor round started in Cairo, maybe next time it would be Beirut, Amman or maybe Dubai, so don’t miss the chance to be part of next one!



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