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Registration Open Now! in Egypt's Largest Innovation Marathon in 10 Cities at the Same Time

Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center “TIEC” announced its partnership with Egypt Makes Electroni​cs”EME”, and CREATIVA Innovation Hubs, to launch ibTIECar Marathon @CREATIVA. The Marathon is a series of interactive market-driven online local competitions that will be organized all over Egypt and across 10 different governments, where Innovation Hubs known as CREATIVA are located in addition to Cairo, Alexandria, and Assiut Technology Parks.

The main objectives of the Innovation Marathon are as follows:

  1. Inspires local communities to come together, think intensely, and create innovative solutions to address local pressing challenges, hence contributing to accelerate digital transformation.
  2. Support local community growth through nurturing high potential and market driven ideas, exploiting the available opportunities and resources.
  3. Discover the innovative young talents, and ideas, and help them to grow, focusing on university as the main source of innovative ideas.
  4. Recognize innovation efforts, and hence fostering innovation culture.

The marathon will be implemented in the following locations:

  1. Cairo - (EMELab @SmartVillage)
  2. Aswan - (CREATIVA)
  3. Qena - (CREATIVA)
  4. Suhaj - (CREATIVA)
  5. Asyuit - (EMELab @SmartVillage)
  6. Menoufia - (CREATIVA)
  7. Mansoura - (CREATIVA)
  8. Ismailia - (CREATIVA)
  9. Alexandria - (EMELab @Tech Park)
  10. Menya - (CREATIVA)

Participation in the marathon is opend to faculty members and researchers at universities, research institutes and research centers, as well as students who can apply with their graduation projects. Participation is also available to innovators and entrepreneurs working in the field of communications and information technology. This is exclusively in the following technologies:

All participating teams will get access to Electronics Innovation Hubs and CREATIVA Innovation Hubs, where all the facilities are available to them to meet and work on their projects. Also, transportations will be available in the following governments: Cairo - Alexandria - Assuit -El Minya - Qena - Suhag - Aswan).


The total awards are 1,200,000 EGP. Total of 120,000 EGP for the top 3 winning teams in each location; distributed equally among them. Winners will be given the priority to move through the whole value chain of their entrepreneurship journey with TIEC- Creativa support. This would include but is not limited to acceleration, incubation, consultation, and networking.

Registration is now OPEN until 31 August 2021 from this link, and for more information you can visit this link.


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