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FasterCapital's Women Round of Funding 2020

FasterCapital, an incubator based in Dubai, UAE, is launching its yearly women round on 16th, Jun, 2020. Last woman round has attracted more than 200 submissions from 50 different countries. This round is dedicated to any startup that has one woman cofounder. You can apply regardless of the stage of the startup.

If you only have an idea and have or have not created your business plan yet, we can help you by creating/improving your business plan, creating a product, and investing 50% of the money you need to raise for technical development purposes. These services can be offered through Idea to Product program.

If you have a business already and you need a technical team for technical development purposes, FasterCapital will be glad to join you as a technical co-founder who will develop/create your product and invest 50% of the money you need to raise for that purpose.

If you have a product in place and you need to internationalize it, explore new markets, and improve your sales, you can join our Grow your Startup program.

FasterCapital is an incubator based in Dubai Internet City, UAE. It was officially launched in 2015. FasterCapital has currently more than 24 graduated startups, 116 startups in incubation program, 281 startups in the acceleration program plus more than 982 representatives and regional partners and 500 offices worldwide. FasterCapital’s model is explained in more than 17 different languages as videos. FasterCapital has invested more than 16.9 million USD since its creation in 2010. FasterCapital has also more than 989 mentors in its network.

FasterCapital’s women’s round of funding will be opened from on 16th June to 15 July, 2020 and you can apply easily here or you can send us an email directly.

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