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Catalyst Empowerment Summit


Aug 2021

07:00 To 15:00
Event Organizer
Catalyst Constellations
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Summits / conferences


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Catalysts aren’t your typical changemakers. They’re innovators who can’t stop taking in information, connecting dots, and changing the world—even when the world hasn’t asked for it.

They’re the ones who thrive on discussions around change, even when they realize they can’t manifest them all. They’re the ones who see possibility as a form of play, rather than getting annoyed or overwhelmed. And they’re the ones who burn out from moving at the speed of light. If that sounds familiar, you aren’t broken, difficult, or an incurable workaholic. You’re a Catalyst.

And this summit is just for you.

Catalyst Constellations invites thought leaders to share their wisdom in 12 different lightning rounds with live facilitated breakout conversations in between each section, because they want to hear your wisdom too!

Key themes throughout the day:
* Tune Into Yourself to Maximize Your Success (8AM - 10AM PT)
* Lead an Intentional Life (10AM - 12PM PT)
* Lead Change in Large Organizations (12PM - 2PM PT)

Join the summit on 3 August 2021 from 7 am to 3 pm (PDT), and REGISTER HERE:




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