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Three Reasons Your Startup Won’t Scale!

Most of the people skip the first paragraph and scroll down to read the subtitles.. So, let’s cut it short and get down to business.

  1) You’re running it old school!

Many entrepreneurs have really good solutions for social problems, but they fail to create a scalable model that works, generates revenues, and sustain. For example, Co-working spaces are really good but they need huge effort to scale UNLESS you have a very innovative model.

We are living among a digital revolution -as we all know- and we need to be a part of it. Even if your startup isn’t a tech startup, it still can use a digital activation: to sell products online, offer new services, or generate business leads through multi-digital channels.

You have a Facebook page, I can hear you, but this is not enough! Go and google now: How to generate more sales online?

  2) You’re too afraid to invest!

It’s wise to spend your money carefully in the seed stage, especially if you’re bootstrapping (spending your own money), but it’s not wise to be too afraid to invest in a good team, or in market validation and product innovation.

Once you come up with a prototype, you should invest in market validation; otherwise, you’ll run blind until you reach the point where you realize that your product doesn’t fit in the market. Re-innovating in your product at this point will cost you much more. It’s clear why you should invest in team and innovation from the start.

  3) Your dream is to get married and live a peaceful life!

Getting married is beautiful desire especially if you met your future partner already, but the bad news is that building a startup will cost you nearly as much as getting married. So, you need to be determined about your priorities. Of course you can have both by either having the enough money for both (If you’re Egyptian, skip the last sentence) or by starting it slowly and taking baby steps in the right direction.

It’s awesome to make your BIG leap after two years, but it’s totally fine to make it in four years instead and having your wife by your side to support you (you wish)!

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