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Building Invincible Companies


Dec 2021

12:30 To 15:45
Event Organizer
Strategy Edge
Event Type
Pitching / mentoring / investment days


Event Details

Building Invincible Companies with leaders who see around corners.


Speaker Dr. Alex Osterwalder will outline three pillars to stay ahead of competition. You will discover what it take to become an "invincible Company". First, he describes how to create and manage a strategic growth protfolio. Second, he elaborates how to design an innovation ecosystem, while excelling at execution. Third, he outlines how to build a world-class innovation culture.

Speaker Rita Mcgrath will introduce the concept of strategic inflection points and the importance of early warning as you go beyond the day to day and see around corners. She Will introduce you to eight simple practices that you can put into place immediately to improve your ability to create insight and why the work. Rita will outline how to orient your time to accommodate these practices with a simple exercise of re-allocating one hour per week.

Who should attend?

Top and senior mangement from different functions of an organization.

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