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legaltech platform Hekouky closes a pre-Seed funding round from Nama Ventures

Hekouky, the Legaltech platform that incorporates companies and register business brands and entrepreneurs, announced the closure of the Pre - Seed funding round by Nama Ventures, without disclosing its value.

The legal process of an employer is complex, expensive and time - consuming, but Hekouky works to solve these problems in one simple step across the platform without going into too much trouble.

Hekouky was founded by three co-founders with diverse backgrounds and experiences:  Hala Riad, Mayy Abdelbary and Fatima Khalil. Mayy Abdelbary brings 15 years of work experience, including 9 years in software development and legal systems, and has previously worked as a technical director at Bay Nas before deciding to start her new company. Hala Riad is a lawyer with in arbitration and companies. Fatima Khalil is an accountant and has already founded three companies.

Passion, dedication and vision unite these three founders to make legal transactions accessible and legal proceedings more accessible, expeditious and traceable to corporate owners and entrepreneurs.

“Our mission is to make entrepreneurs feel safe to pursue their dreams in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa. Entrepreneurship is a test of will, which we will make easier by lifting the legal burden on you” Hala Riad, Hekouky co-founder.

“We strongly believe that the space is ready for change. There is enormous room for upgrading traditional legal labour systems by introducing modern technologies and reaching new dimensions of productivity, which technology can help overcome,” Mohamed El-Zoghby, Managing Partner at Nama Ventures.

“What we saw in Hala, Mayy, and Fatima is a team that has a very good knowledge on what it takes to build a great Legaltech startup” added El-Zoghby.


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