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Sales and Marketing Kit

Sales and Marketing Kit

The combination of sales and marketing skills is vital for entrepreneurs since it influences the profitability of their startups. Below entrepreneurs can find different tools that can help them sell and market their product/ service. 


Force Field Analysis

Force field analysis is a useful decision-making tool that helps entrepreneurs analyze the forces for and against a change and help you make your own decision. Force Field Analysis was developed by Kurt Lewin in 1940s. Through Force Field, entrepreneurs can to list all of the forces they got and analyze the strengthens and the weaknesses of each force to make a successful change.

Competitive Intelligence: Four Corner’s Analysis

The four corners analysis is a tool designed by Michael Porter that helps in determining an organization’s future strategy. Further, this tool is divided into four corners which are Drivers, Assumptions, Capabilities, and Strategy. Those four corners are categorized into two main categories which are Motivation and Actions. 

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