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The Innovator's Guide to Patent Registration

The Innovator's Guide to Patent Registration

What is a patent application?

A patent application is a request to the patent office to grant you a patent for a certain invention described by that application. This pending request has a timeline for applying, reviewing and obtaining a patent. You have to submit the required documents and follow the timeline described in the infographics.

Why register a patent?

Once you have made sure that your idea is patentable and no one has patented it before, then it's time to register your own patent. A patent excludes other competitors or inventors from profiting for your idea without your permission. It excludes other from making, selling or importing your invention. It also provides your with exclusivity for a period up to 20 years long. A patent is a good way to minimize competition for up to 20 years and gives you the opportunity to monetize from your invention either through selling or licensing your invention. 

How do you obtain a patent?

Filling for patents is expensive. So it is important to choose the countries that you want to file for patents in. Think of which countries are your biggest market, which ones offer you the cheapest production cost, etc. In this infographic, we give you a complete guide for how to register your patent in Egypt with the needed documents, process and timeline.

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