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Calculator Web: Profit and Loss Calculator

Calculator Web: Profit and Loss Calculator

What is this tool?

Calculator Web is an online business calculator tool with more than 70 calculators that help entrepreneurs and startups value and calculates their money and revenue streams easily, and efficiently. One of these calculators is this tool, the profit and loss calculator.

When is this tool used?

Some entrepreneurs find calculations very hard task, especially at the beginning as they don't have the full picture yet, and they try as much as possible to delay the process. When it is time to calculate your revenue streams, Profit and Loss Calculator will help you fill in the missing parts of your income and expenses.

Hints to using this tool:

Calculator Web has 70+ calculators in different categories where you can use including investment, finance, business, and more. Under each category, there are many subcategories which almost cover everything that you may want to calculate.


How is this tool used?

Step 1:

Visit Calculator Web website.

Step 2:

Choose Profit and Loss calculator, read the instructions given carefully, and then start filling the provided fields in the income and expenses fields.

Step 3:

In the Income category, add your total sales as the cost of sales will be deducted as well as the tax collected in order to get your gross profit/loss.

Step 4:

Next, calculate all your expenses and you can rename the fields if you want.

Step 5:

When you finish adding all your expenses, the calculator will automatically determine your net profit.


Ahmed is an artist who started his own business, time passed by and he had to calculate his expenses and gross profit/ loss in order to estimate whether he was profiting or losing money. Ahmed did not have any accounting background and didn't have any clue on how to do this process. He surfed the internet and came across calculator web, and found profit/loss calculator tool, started researching the terminologies, and then added his income (cost of sales, and tax collected) to calculate his gross profit next he added all his expenses, in the end; he was able to know his net profit.

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