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Why Your Operating Model Is More Important Than Your Business Model Part 2

I bet you’re now thinking: “No one ever told me I need an operating model!” Don’t blame yourself- we weren’t told because no one ever talks about the importance of an operating model. Entrepreneurs seem to forget it mainly because of ego problems- they often feel invincible and are driven by passion so much so that they want to launch their businesses as soon as possible. They want a live website or application, they want a title for themselves, they want a business card- and they want it all right now, and leave operations on the backburner until they need to, well, operate.

While I understand the rush of seeing one’s business going live and the desire to announce it to the world right now, I also feel that the ecosystem forgets about operating models and designs, although those are the things that can truly make or break a business. In fact, I dream of an ecosystem where investors ask for your pitch deck, operating model and your business model all at once.

From my experience, I truly know that even your revenue projections don’t matter as much as your operating model, because again, how do you scale or franchise if you don’t have a full manual on how to operate that business. If you plan to scale or franchise your business, your operating model is as important as your brand and team, simply because when someone buys a franchise from you, they don’t just buy your logo, they buy the way you operate every aspect of your business every minute of every day.


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