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To impress investors: How to prepare your startup pitch deck?

Securing funding is one of the main objectives of startups at different growth stages. Every founder or entrepreneur must prepare well for their pitch deck to potential investors, as his readiness may determine the investor's decision regarding his company.

After reaching out to the potential investor, and scheduling your startup pitch deck, you should prepare a presentation of 10 to 15 slides with basic information about your project in order to convince the investor of its usefulness.

What information should the offer contain?

  1. The problem your company is solving or addressing.
  2. The solution offered by the company and the value it offers to its customers.
  3. The target market and the share it plans to acquire.
  4. Founders and company team.
  5. Competitors and how you stand out from the crowd.
  6. Business plan.
  7. Business Model.
  8. Expected costs and profits.
  9. The amount of funding you seek.
  10. Future plans for product or service development.

Tips for making an impressive pitch deck for investors:

  1. Simplicity: Focus on making your presentation simple while providing the most important information about your startup.
  2. Storytelling: Think about a way to tell your product's success, how much it evolved, and how it contributes to making customers' lives better in the form of a story.
  3. Space for questions: Make sure there is enough time for investors to ask questions and discuss your ideas.
  4. Financial outlook: Do not forget to discuss the amount of funding you seek and your plans to leverage in product development.
  5. Benefit not advantage: Focus on the benefits of your product and how it affects customers' lives rather than its advantages.
  6. Good design: Use simple design in clear colors and lines.

Pitch deck samples

Many platforms have provided free forms for startup pitch decks, you can download them and fill in your company's information:

  1. Download Google’s Template Pitch Deck for Startups: this link.
  2. Download LinkedIn’s Pitch Deck for Its Series B Round: this link.


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