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Failed Startup Lessons… 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed

1 year 3 months ago

Failure sucks. You may have heard of the famous startup maths: nine of out 10 startups fail. The bitter truth about failure hurts but the most important thing is that most entrepreneurs move on to do something else. It’s not over until you give up. There are a ton of startups trying to make it, and a lot of them just don’t make the cut. Whether it’s poor budgeting, lack of excitement, or bad management, startups fail all the time. The good news for new entrepreneurs is that, some founders open up about their failures and share their experiences with the public without hesitation.

We’ve rounded up over 50 startups that failed and the reasons why they failed to make it. The reasons for their failure were shared by the founders and those close to management in various startup post-mortems online.

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