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Decentralization Revolution and Blockchain Book

1 year 1 month ago

In 2018, when I was invited to talk about decentralization, blockchain and its future prospects in a closed workshop in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Scotland, I never imagined that we would repeat the same ideas even in 2021 and that we would continue to disagree with the same place in the general collective consciousness.

Unfortunately, media usually focus on exceptional situations, interacting to create noise, especially with the price of a digital currency, or its price collapsing without focusing on the primary goal around which the technology revolves. People, unfortunately, fall into a huge mess of misinformation, or marketing information aimed at collecting visits from them or selling them the illusion of rapid richness. At the same time, media avoid talking about decentralization, and blockchain because talk turns directly into naive questions like whether to buy, whether to become rich, etc., naive questions that turn a technical subject into a form of gambling, unfortunately.

I prepared the book, adopting the view of supporters of the block series (he block chain) in general, and Bitcoin in particular. It is not an objective book anyway but a book that explains why this technique is considered a revolution from the point of view of its believers. It is a step in the explanation of decentralization in general, through explaining the series of blocks and their features in technical language, down to bitcoin, and its philosophy. Some supporting articles have also been added.

This book comes to provide a scientific explanation with ample information about decentralization away from the media noise, and we hope it will be useful to enrich the Arab Library.

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