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Are Education and Technology Your Interest? Then Don’t Miss Eduvation Summit 2017

5 years 4 months ago

Eduvation Summit 2017, the biggest and educational and technological summit, will take place next Saturday 7th of October at Nile University. The Summit is in collaboration with huge authenticated sectors in Egypt and the Mena region.

Eduvation Summit is considered to be the first of its kind that takes an interest in educational technology through discussing a number of problems concerning education and suggesting solutions.

The Summit will also exhibit more than 10 Bachelors, MBAs, and PhDs scholarships and more than 80 speakers and experts about educational technology. The one-day summit will start at 9:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Attendees will get the chance to meet a lot of different educational and technological organizations as well as different decision makers. So don’t miss your chance and get your ticket here.

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